What is Form 1095-A?

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What is Form 1095-A?

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Marc L. Harris Solves the 1095-A Form issue!

Finally...Get Your 1095-A Form in 20 Minutes - 24 Hours.

The issue of not being able to get your Form 1095-A has been an issue for 5+ years.  Finally, a local broker from South Orange County, CA has created a solution to the 1095a problem!  Do you need your 1095A form like yesterday?  Stop and complete our online 1095-A REQUEST FORM today and you'll have it in your Email inbox or Fax machine in just minutes!

1095-A Form is needed to file your tax return.  Your accountant or tax preparer will need a copy of the 1095-A form to help them understand more detailed information about the subsidy or APTC that was provided to you throughout the year.  The IRS has created the 1095-A form to help reconcile the tax credits received and it is there to make sure you are not owed any money or make sure you don't owe any money based on the income projection you provided to Covered California.

We have simplified the process to get your 1095-A form today or within 24 hours worst case scenario.

CoveredCA.com Clients ONLY!

Marc Harris, a local Covered California CERTIFIED Agent from South Orange County, CA created 1095-A.com to help create a solution to the broken CoveredCA.com system regarding getting 1095A Forms to consumers.  Take 1 minute, go to our OE15.com local website and complete our 1 minute online form and we'll help you get your 1095 a form in minutes!